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Our recruitment is based on competencies or sets of behaviors, skills and knowledge and will focus on finding the best people for the available jobs. The selection process may involve several stages If you meet the requirements you will be required to attend an interview and perhaps complete some psychometric and/or personality tests. 

The interview will be about you and your experience. You will be asked for examples of how you behave in different situations drawing on examples from work, university or your personal life.

you can always send us you resumee to and write your job title in the subject line

Job Vacancies:

Job title: Outdoor Sales Representative

Main responsibilities:

  • ·     Develop new customers
  • ·     Building a strong relation with customers
  • ·     preparing elegant professional proposals
  • ·     Follow up with existing customer and ensure his satisfaction
  • ·     Managing and interpreting customer requirements


Required skills:

  • ·     High graduation degree
  • ·     Minimum 2 years experience in a same position, preferably in call centers
  • ·     The ability and desire to sell
  • ·     Excellent communication skills
  • ·     A confident and determined approach
  • ·     A high degree of self-motivation and ambition
  • ·     The skills to work both independently and as part of a team
  • ·     The ability to flourish in a competitive environment
  • ·     Fluency in English is an advantage