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Your No. 1 Provider for effective Business Rich Web Solutions

Orange offers experienced consulting, web design, development, cutting-edge products and one-stop solutions for Rich Internet Applications, guiding you from design phase to final integration and installation.

Product List

  • Online Catalogues
  • Portals
  • Specialized websites by category
  • Specialized web applications by industry
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Online payment integration
  • Graphics and brand identity

ProgrammingWe provide database solutions with friendly end user interfaces using our in-house custom made “content management system” according to the clients' needs and purposes.
Our solutions are designed with a friendly automated web based content management interface that allows our customer to handle their web contents, updates and information easily and quickly without the need for complicated procedures or technical knowledge.


Graphic Design
Graphic DesignOur creative team has come to be known as the best in providing creative, attractive and unusual artistic designs.

Our graphic design department works side by side with clients to provide an attractive online image for their company.

Other graphic design services include:


Web Design & Multimedia
Web Design & Multimedia Functionality and good programming design coupled with an attractive animation and easy-to-use graphical interface and simple logical navigation will ensure that visitors enjoy and get benefits.

Orange provides four types of web design services:
  • Simple static websites with flash animation
  • Dynamic websites with flash animation
  • Advanced websites with relational online databases & queries
  • E-commerce enabled websites including shopping cart system
  • Our designers are also specialized in multi media and flash animation websites as required.


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